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Top Five Golf Clubs of 2013


I have had the opportunity to test many different golf clubs this season, each more impressive than the last. A flurry of new drivers, irons, wedges and putters rotated in and out of my golf bag throughout the year. Needless to say, I received a crash-course in new club technology in the process. While it is only October and many of the biggest golf companies are still releasing new equipment, I have already picked my favorite clubs of 2013.

Here are the top five golf clubs as reviewed by ChicagoDuffer.com for 2013.

callaway mac daddy 2

5) Callaway Mac Daddy 2 Wedges -- Callaway Golf may be best known for their drivers and golf balls, but they are making a huge push into the wedge market thanks mainly to their Mac Daddy 2 series. Precision-milled, laser-grooved and tour tested wedges make me extremely happy, so the Mac Daddy 2 series was right in my wheelhouse. Expect great things from Callaway for 2014, because you know I will.

scor 4161 wedges

4) SCOR 4161 Wedges -- While Callaway's wedges impressed me on technology and look, SCOR wedges flat-out romanced me with their playability and performance. SCOR Golf refers to these wedges as "scoring clubs", and there isn't a more accurate representation of what these will help you do on the course. They have remained in my bag for most of the season and will likely continue into 2014. You will be hard-pressed to find a better wedge from any company. Period.

taylormade maranello 81

3) TaylorMade Ghost Maranello 81 Putter -- As much as I loved both the Cleveland Smart Square and Bettinardi BB Series putters, this offering from TaylorMade stole the show for me late in the year. It has the perfect clubhead weight for a putter (for me, at least) in addition to providing a true roll each and every time I struck a putt. Plus, the white clubhead is freakin' beautiful to look at. I simply did not make more putts with any other putter I tested this season, so the Maranello 81 has to get my vote.

2013 Adams Tight Lies

2) Adams Golf Tight Lies Fairway Wood -- Hands down the best 3-wood I have ever used in my life. Not only does the rejuvenated Tight Lies series get a fresh new look for 2013, but this club will make your golf ball explode off the tee or out of the worst lie on the course. I literally have to try to hit a bad shot with this club; it's that solid and consistent.

taylormade r1

1) TaylorMade R1 Driver -- This club has been in my bag since January and I haven't taken it out since. The R1 is without a doubt the best driver I've ever used, and judging by the critical acclaim it has received worldwide, many golfers will say the same. I have not had the chance to test TaylorMade's SLDR driver as of yet, but it will take something special to dethrone the R1 in my eyes.

Which clubs did I miss on the list? Which should I try next? Leave your comments below.

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