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3 Up Golf Balls Review

3 up golf The golf ball market has been saturated with dual-piece, tri-piece and other multilevel balls over the past few years, thus making the choice of ammunition a daunting task. Should you focus on a distance ball? Do you like a ball with more feel? It's enough to confuse even the most seasoned golfers. The folks at 3 Up Golf have produced an affordable alternative to the larger name-brand golf balls you see on pro shop shelves at premium prices. I have never understood why anyone would drop $50 on a dozen golf balls that you will either lose or scuff up at the drop of a hat. 3 Up Golf's new 3F12 ball not only offers tour-quality performance, but a budget-friendly price tag suitable for most golfers (about $39.99/dozen).

3 up golf ball

The 3F12 balls are a premium three piece golf ball that you're going to truly love playing. According to the company website, it was born out of a need for a truly remarkable three piece cast urethane ball at an equally remarkable price point. At 3 Up, they are passionate about golf at all levels and the 3F12 will benefit your game regardless of handicap.

I played 18 holes with the 3F12 golf balls recently and was instantly impressed by their feel and performance. Off the tee the balls fly about the same as my usual high-end golf ball -- maybe even further, in some cases -- while maintaining a soft feel around the green. I'm not a player that spins the ball too much from 100 yards and in, but I was able to back the ball up a few times with the 3F12. It was fun to watch.

Overall, the 3 Up Golf 3F12 performed equal or better than any golf ball I have played in the past, including the Titleist Pro-V1. I felt like I had complete control over every shot with the 3F12, resulting in a round that included three birdies and a number of up-and-down par saves. Not bad for a cold October day in Chicago.

I highly recommend playing the 3 Up Golf 3F12 golf balls during your next round, especially if you are used to playing a multi-level golf ball. You will not be disappointed.

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