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Those Annoying USGA Rules

It seems that no matter what the USGA tries to do in terms of implementing new rule changes for the 2010 season, players everywhere are getting upset and not afraid to show it.

According to PGATour.com, the most recent opponent to the new groove rules for 2010 is none other than Rory McIlroy:

"I don't see why they don't firm greens up and get the rough longer to bring scores down," McIlroy said Tuesday. "They can make golf courses a lot tougher and turn 20-under winning scores into 12 under."

Earlier in the week, Scott McCarron threw his hat in the Groove Ring by kind-of-but-not-really accusing Phil Mickelson of not abiding by the new standards due to Lefty's choice of Ping-Eye2 wedges this past week (even though the clubs are deemed completely legal by the USGA).

However, players may be in for a wake up call in the coming weeks as ChicagoDuffer Super Sleuths have come across classified information regarding more rule changes on the horizon:

- Players will now be required to carry a maximum of 10 clubs in their bags, none of which can have any steel or wood parts. Recommendations by the USGA include ballons, plastic, chocolate and Silly Putty.

- Golf balls will be replaced entirely by Super Balls (seen commonly in grocery store vending machines) in an effort to minimize the possibility of spin altogether.

- Golf courses will be extended to a total of 25 holes, however PGA professional Ben Crane will no longer be allowed to participate and instead will take his seat as the Tour's new Grass Growing Monitor Officer for all major tournaments.

- Players will only be allowed to complain about one USGA or PGA-related standard per season. All violators will have his Tour card suspended and the player will be added to Tiger Woods' list of transgressions.

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