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Daly On Emotional Rollercoaster

With his most recent tournament to be filed under the "Ooops!" column, John Daly left the Farmer's Insurance event after missing the cut by citing he was "leaving the game". However, just a day later he recanted his statement via Twitter and has decided to stick with golf. For now.

According to the Los Angeles Times, Daly made the statement of possibly quitting the game to a producer of his new Golf Channel show "Being John Daly".

John Daly left Torrey Pines on Friday saying he was done with golf. He had
missed the cut at the Farmers Insurance Open and he said in the parking lot, "I
can't compete. I can't play like I used to."

Fast forward to Saturday (again, the next day after missing the cut) and we see Daly pulling the ol' "just kidding!" move on his Twitter followers. It appears that Daly let his emotions get the best of him at the tournament and did not consider what sponsors might have to say about this whole quitting thing.

On Saturday, Larry Jackson, chief executive of Loudmouth Golf, the maker of
Daly's attention-grabbing pants, told reporters at a PGA merchandise show in
Orlando, Fla., "John's an emotional guy. He's not quitting, he's already said he
just needs some time. He will be back. He'll be at the AT&T."

Daly has a sponsor's exemption into the AT&T tournament at Pebble Beach
on Feb. 11-14 and Sunday Daly said on Twitter, "like one of my sponsor tells me

For the most part, I think we can all agree that Daly hasn't had the most easy-going career in pro golf. While most of his troubles and tribulations have come as a direct result of his own bad judgement and battle with addictions, sometimes it seems that the guy just can't catch a break. Even with the recently-renewed sense of living the healthy lifestyle, a new girlfriend, and a new outlook on life, Daly continues to miss cuts and paychecks on Tour.

Perhaps having the most confidence a person can muster isn't enough for a lot of players, especially when constantly having to prove that you can perform at a high level. Seeing Daly in he winner's circle will be a welcome sight for many golf fans, but until he can completely overcome his inner demons, we may be waiting for a very long time.

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