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The Wide-Narrow-Wide Golf Swing Drill


Like most amateur golfers, I struggle with finding distance in my irons. This is can be the result of a poor strike, but more often this is due to an improper swing sequence through impact. To get the most distance out of every swing, you should incorporate a "wide-narrow-wide" sequence. As the name of the sequence implies, your goal should be to start your takeaway in a wide arc away from your body by keeping your arms straight. The "narrow" portion occurs during your downswing as your swing arc moves closer to your body as your right arm reattaches to your torso. Finally, the last "wide" step focuses on driving through the ball and finishing with outstretched arms once again.

To illustrate what I mean by wide-narrow-wide, YouTube golf instructor Chris Ryan has a great golf swing drill for you to practice on the range. This is what I will be working the most on in my own golf swing for the next few weeks.

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