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REVIEW: Nike Golf Club Collection for Summer 2015


Golf fashion has come a long way since the days of snobby pleated slacks and starched-out polos. What is worn on the course can very easily be worn off it as well, and nobody does it better than our friends at Nike Golf. We got a hands-on look at the new Nike Golf Club Collection for this Summer and immediately realized that this is not something from your grandaddy's country club pro shop. Which is a good thing.


Inspired by the Game. Tailored for life on Tour. Distinctive style on and off the course.

The product tagline says it all: this is a lifestyle clothing series that looks as great off the course as it will during your next round. Highlighted by minimalist patterns and distinctive logos, the Nike Golf Club Collection screams "modern" or "contemporary" without losing respect for the game's traditional undertones.

This should not surprise you. Nike has always been an industry leader in adding a unique twist to classic favorites to produce fashion options that rise above the competition. The Nike Golf Club Collection is another fine example of that talent.

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Nike also has a knack for blurring the lines between what is worn in the gym and on the playing field. Before now, those lines were rigid and cemented for anything related to golf. The Nike Golf Club Collection has finally introduced a gray area that we've been yearning for, especially golfers of my generation. Any of the items in the collection would serve well in either arena.

For example, Dri-Fit technology can be found in most of the items. This keeps players cool and dry to help them perform at their best even when the heat is on. Comfort is not compromised for function or fashion.

This is a style for a specific type of player. Players who may leave the course, but the course never leaves them. Who practice their backswing in the bathroom mirror when no one is looking. Who fold their hands into an overlapping golf grip during team meetings. Who may have a few marks on their ceiling from grooving their swing in the living room.

No, this is not your grandaddy's golf wardrobe. This is entirely your own.

For a full look of the entire Nike Golf Club Collection, click here: http://www.nike.com/us/en_us/c/golf/nike-golf-club-collection

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