REVIEW: Glukos Energy Bars and Supplements


Staying energized throughout the day is something many of us struggle with, especially as we grow older. Being sluggish on the golf course can also be a problem, which leads to poor performance and higher scores. Unfortunately, the only way to boost our energy in the past was to eat or drink supplements saturated in artificial ingredients, preservatives and other bad things. Thanks to our friends at Glukos Energy, the days of putting dangerous chemicals into our bodies to gain energy are over.

Glukos Energy was founded by Mark Jensen, a former Nike guy and collegiate athlete who wanted a different, more natural way to boost his energy levels.

"There must be a better energy solution than the high-fructose, red dye 40 and chemical-ridden options of Powerade and Gatorade," Jensen believed.

He became so enthralled in his question that he wrote his MBA thesis with the Nike Innovation Lab, world-class coaches and athletes, and other experts to identify the best possible all-natural energy solution.

The result of his research? Glukos Energy supplements.

As the product name implies, the foundation on which Glukos Energy supplements are built is glucose -- the body's natural source of fuel and energy. This complex sugar requires no digestion when consumed, meaning it is ready for your body to burn immediately. This gives you a huge boost in natural energy two times faster than any other sugar on the planet.

We tested a number of different Glukos Energy supplements -- including power bars, energy tablets, gels, powders, and chewable gummies -- to see if each could hold up to the company's promise. We were not disappointed.

Each all-natural Glukos Energy supplement product provided us an immediate boost in energy shortly after consumption. Taken 20 minutes before or after athletic activity, Glukos Energy gave our testers the power and energy they needed to perform at their best. Recovery times were also faster when the supplements were taken post-work out.

While some of the products didn't taste as sweet as our testers would have preferred, overall Glukos Energy proved to be up to its billing... and then some. The added benefit of being all-natural and free of any artificial chemicals added to our trust and enjoyment of every product.

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