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REVIEW: Srixon Z 765 Irons

The new Srixon Z 765 irons look remarkably similar to their 745 predecessors, but their performance on the course sets them apart from other irons I've tried this year. Last year's rendition were highly praised by multiple club reviewers, all commenting on the clubs' consistency across the hitting area and distance gains throughout the set. The Srixon Z 765 irons improve on these features -- a feat I thought may have been unnecessary considering how good the previous set was -- making the newer model even more enjoyable to hit.

My review set featured stiff Miyazaki graphite (!) shafts at standard length. All other specifications were standard (loft, lie, etc.). It had been a very long time since I'd hit graphite shafts, so I knew I was in for a treat.

My stock 7-iron carry averages around 160 (depending on the day). After finding my groove a bit with the lighter Srixon Z 765's, I was able to surpass that average by about five yards. Certainly not mindblowing, but not insignificant.

Srixon Z 765 specs

The irons felt wonderful at impact. Despite hitting a few shots thin -- which is more a testament to my crap golf swing than the clubs themselves -- pure strikes featured a low, penetrating ball flight. Shots were easily shaped right or left, and miss hits remained on a true line within minimal distance loss.

Above all else, these clubs look great. I love the clean lines throughout the clubhead, the thin topline at address despite being a cavity back, and Srixon's black lettering on a chrome finish is classic.

Overall, I was very pleased with the Srixon Z 765 performance. While graphite shafts are not my preference, I could easily game these irons with high expectations and a great deal of comfort.

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