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A Quick Note from Our Editor


Hey folks, Thanks for stopping by and reading our site. Over the weekend, we became aware through social media of a family dispute that included PGA Tour player Patrick Reed. Since the original message from one of his family members was shared on the PGA Tour's public Facebook page, we felt it was 'fair game' to comment on the public Facebook post on our website.

However, after further reflection on what we'd like Golf Unfiltered to be, we decided to pull our blog post on our own accord. We have not been instructed by anyone from the PGA Tour or the Reed family to take this action... we just think family matters should be kept private.

We've also gone the extra step of deleting any original posts from our social media accounts that referenced the article out of respect for all individuals involved.

Moving forward we will be more diligent on choosing topics on which to comment, especially when it concerns the private lives of public figures.

That's all for now. Thanks again for your continued support of Golf Unfiltered and the Golf Unfiltered Podcast!


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