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GU Podcast 25: Golf Equipment Measurement and Fantasy Golf Picks


Riding solo again on this episode of the Golf Unfiltered Podcast, but that doesn't mean we can't have a great discussion on golf nerdy things! How informed are you about the golf products you purchase? Today's episode opens with a brief commentary on what goes in to the golf equipment reviews here on the site, as well as some of the challenges I face when trying to bring you reviews on the latest and greatest toys in the industry.

In the spirit of true transparency, there are times when I can't test a piece of equipment in an ideal environment (i.e., on a golf course during a round). What happens in those cases? Listen to learn more!

The second half of the episode focuses on our DraftKings fantasy golf picks for this week's 2015 Quicken Loans National. What strategy do I use when making my picks each week? Could it be the reason why I haven't won a dime yet? Why am I so bad?!

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