REVIEW: Dunning Golf 2015 Summer Collection


Dunning Golf has unveiled their new style collection for summer 2015, and we got a firsthand look at their latest polos and outerwear last week.




We first covered Dunning Golf in September of 2013, marveling at their minimalist style patterns and traditional undertones that paid homage to golf's past in a modern package. Their newest offerings stay true to form, focusing on muted colors and designs on breathable materials that accentuate comfort and performance.



Dunning Golf specializes in traditional, classic designs that will appeal to country club players and municipal weekend warriors alike. Their new options for this summer are made from stretchable, ultra-soft fabrics that work hard to keep you cool, dry and comfortable on the course. Every polo is incredibly lightweight without compromising fabric feel that lets you know you are wearing golf attire of the highest quality.



Dunning's new outwear options are always impressive, designed for insulation and breath-ability in a lightweight stretch fabric. Each outwear jacket or thermal offers a drawstring waist for a customized fit with a trimmer fit in the sleeves to maintain comfort throughout your swing. These thermal quarter-zips have been in my golf wardrobe for over three years due to their look, performance and comfort.



Outwear options also include quarter-zip vests and striped thermal designs to fit your style preferences.

Dunning Golf designs golf attire for the serious player. However, you don't have to showcase a Tour-player's skill to look the part. Dunning can help you with the latter, offering styles that can be worn both on and off the course, in and out of the country club.

We review many golf wardrobe options on this site. Most feature similar design tech, promising to whisk moisture away from your body, keep you cool when the temperature rises or any number of other "space aged" features. Dunning Golf, however, is the one company who does all of the fancy tech while looking the best at doing so.

Visit for a full look at all of Dunning Golf's newest styles for the season.