TRUE Linkswear Elements Pro Review


Golf shoes might be the most important and most overlooked piece of equipment in your arsenal. The new TRUE Linkswear Elements Pro golf shoes seek to offer comfort and playability in a waterproof and breathable package. Unfortunately, these shoes only make good on half of that effort.

From TRUE Linkswear:

Elements feature our new Breathable + Waterproof 360* booty construction on a double layered mesh upper. The sporty and casual upper is placed on top of our P-Motion™ midsole - providing the ultimate in shock absorption, energy transfer for more power during your swing, and long term comfort. For traction, each ultra-thin TPU outsole is re-infoced with seven of Softspikes® latest Pulsar cleats featuring the latest 'Fast Twist® 3.0' cleat receptacle for a thinner, more secure fit.

Appearance & Build

It's not easy to review golf shoes.

Most people will immediately have a preference on athletic footwear brand that will bias their buying decision. I know people that won't even try on a pair of shoes from specific brands. Looks are a big deal when it comes to footwear, however, and this is where the TRUE Linkswear Elements Pro shoes excel.

I really like the look and build of these golf shoes. While a little on the heavy side, TRUE Linkswear makes a great product in terms of build quality. The Elements Pro shoes are non-traditional and will not appeal to everyone, but I find them to be very attractive and tastefully done.

Feel & Performance

This is where the Elements Pro shoes lost it for me.

I played 18 holes wearing the shoes and am still feeling their effects, but not in a good way. The fit was a bit snug at first, but over time the "newness" of the shoes tapered off as they formed to my feet nicely. However, around hole 15, my feet started to really ache.

Don't get me wrong: the shoes kept my feet dry on a wet golf course and sweating was a non-factor. But for whatever reason the soles of my feet simply did not agree with the TRUE Elements Pro shoes.

I prefer lower profile shoes -- a style which TRUE Linkswear also offers, to be fair -- however the TRUE Elements Pro has a thicker sole with traditional soft spikes. This takes getting used to if you are making the switch to this style of shoe. Admittedly, I should have went to the driving range to get used to swinging in these shoes before hitting the course. That's my fault.

The new Elements line from @truelinkswear. Review coming soon. #golf

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Overall Impression

The TRUE Linkswear Elements Pro golf shoes delivered on two promises: my feet stayed dry and cool throughout a hot, damp golf round. Comfort was compromised, it seemed, in favor of an extremely durable build that will help these shoes last a long time.

To be totally honest, I will probably not wear the TRUE Elements Pro shoes again anytime soon. However, if I need a for-sure waterproof golf shoe, I can rely on them to deliver.