Tiger Woods Pulling Out of Masters in Midst of New Allegations

In a shocking turn of events and in direct response to new allegations and details surrounding his sex scandal, Tiger Woods has announced that he will no longer compete in this year's Masters.

According to a statement posted on his personal website, Woods states the following:

Due to the recent article published in Vanity Fair and the media's repeated attempts at further smudging my name as a result of my past mistakes, I must withdraw my place in this year's Masters tournament. There comes a time when a man must know when he is wrong, which I have admitted to a numerous occasions. However, there is also a time when a man must return to protect his family and name despite the numerous lies and allegations that may be thrown in his face daily.

While Woods did not give any indication of when he might return to the PGA Tour this season, fans everywhere will undoubtedly expect that this may be the first step towards possible retirement from professional golf.