Masters Officials Have a Sense of Humor

With the recent release of the Thursday pairings for this week's Masters Tournament at Augusta National, one particular group in the afternoon really grabbed my attention; and no, I am not referring to Tiger's grouping.

Final group of the day on Thursday? Adam Scott, David Duval, and Ricky Barnes.

Holy cow, are the Master's officials trying to get someone killed? With the amount of shanks, skulled chips, and vertigo-induced ridiculousness that will occur for 18 holes, this grouping could be the most entertaining and comedic 4 hours on television... well, ever! In fact, they should have a marshall follow this group with a boombox blaring circus music. Adam Scott can barely hit water when falling off his surf board, David Duval hasn't seen just one hole on the green in 5 years, and Rickey Barnes is literally a horse on two legs.

I suppose Masters officials were assuming that with everyone following the Tiger group (who goes off immediately before this sideshow), less spectators would be in harm's way.