REVIEW UPDATE: GolfTEC Improvement Center Golf Lessons


I've never written a second review on the same product or service in the 10+ years I've maintained a golf blog. After my third lesson this evening at my local GolfTEC Improvement Center, I knew I had to break that trend and write a quick update on my progress. As I mentioned in my first review of GolfTEC, there are over 200 of their golf improvement centers in four nations, including all major U.S. cities. My local GolfTEC location -- Naperville, IL. -- features the outstanding golf instructor Ian Hughes, who I have worked with all three times.

Readers of this site may remember that my biggest swing flaw has been "casting" the club from the top, commonly referred to as an early release. This puts pressure on my game due to a loss in distance and consistency, which becomes incredibly frustrating throughout the year. After today's lesson with Ian, however, this flaw might be gone for good.

Today's 'Before' Swing

[video width="800" height="356" mp4=""][/video]

You'll notice in this swing that my hands are way behind my belt buckle (right camera angle), which is common in golfers who cast the club. This contributes to my loss in power, consistency, and to overall suckage in my game.

After making a few changes under Ian's instruction -- which included the swing thought of keeping my right arm across my chest while keeping my right wrist flexed -- I began to notice a difference in my swing.

My After Swing

[video width="800" height="356" mp4=""][/video]

It might be hard to see at full speed, but my hands are much more in front of the ball at impact in my after swing. Here's a more detailed video of what my posture looked like after working with Ian for less than 30 minutes:

[video width="752" height="556" mp4=""][/video]

That's me on the left and Jim Furyk on the right. If I can match the impact position of one of the game's best ball strikers of all time, I consider that a win.

Overall Impression

I continue to be impressed with the service and quality of the golf lessons I receive at GolfTEC Improvement Centers. Ian Hughes is a fantastic golf swing coach, and I have no doubt that with more work, he'll help me achieve my goal of becoming a scratch golfer.

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