TaylorMade announces three new golf balls for 2016


TaylorMade Golf has unveiled three new golf balls for 2016: the TaylorMade Tour Preferred, the TaylorMade Project (a), and the TaylorMade Tour Preferred X. The TaylorMade Tour Preferred and Tour Preferred X golf balls, while similar in name, feature very different construction in their core. According to Golf.com, the Tour Preferred golf ball offers a softer overall feel than the Tour Preferred X, and spins more on mid- to long-iron shots. You can expect a higher launch angle with the Tour Preferred model while its Tour Preferred X sibling offers a more penetrating ball flight. Both balls will retail for $47.99/dozen.

"We developed forty three Tour Preferred X prototypes throughout our exhaustive pursuit to engineer a better golf ball and put them in the hands of our Tour players," said Eric Loper, TaylorMade's Director of Golf Ball Development. "They were unanimously drawn to the ball that produced more control around the greens, and that was the new Tour Preferred X. We're excited by their initial reactions to its performance and look forward to their transition into the new models for the '15-'16 PGA TOUR season." (Golf.com)

The TaylorMade Project (a) golf ball -- besides having one of the most unique product names on the market -- is an upgraded model geared toward the recreational player. The Project (a) ball offers a tour-like soft feel around the greens with a generous 70 compression build perfect for players with slower swing speeds. This ball will retail for $34.99/dozen.

All three golf balls are now available as of November 6th at all major golf retailers.

(Photo credit Golfweek)