REVIEW: Srixon Q-STAR Golf Balls

The new Srixon Q-STAR golf balls are the latest offering from a brand making huge leaps in premium equipment at affordable prices. Not to be confused with their 3-piece sibling, the Srixon Q-STAR TOUR, this model features similar control and distance in a 2-piece golf ball.

Specs and Technology

The new Srixon Q-STAR is a high-performance, 2-piece golf ball that features similar tech to the company's popular Z-STAR balls: an ionomer cover and their patented Energetic Gradient Growth (EGG) core. The ball features a 338 dimple pattern designed to give you a boost in distance by way of less drag in the air.

Because believe me folks: if there's anything wrong with my game, it's drag. *cough*

Rounding out the tech, the Q-STAR also features the third generation of Srixon's patented SpinSkin cover, specifically designed to spin more on any shot. This is billed as the main feature to help you control pitches, chips and putts similar to what you'd expect from a premium ball.

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Feel and Performance

I had the chance to play 18 holes with the new Srixon Q-STAR balls and was definitely satisfied with their performance. However, I felt there was room for improvement.

Off the tee the Q-STAR felt and sounded "harder" off my driver. Conversely, the Q-STAR TOUR model -- my preferred golf ball -- features a soft feel and muted sound when hit. Right away I noticed a difference between the two. This isn't necessarily a good or bad trait; some golfers prefer their golf balls to feel and sound a certain way.

The golf balls felt similar to my gamers on iron shots, and any "hard" feel was nonexistent on approaches. Ball flight was typical for my game (hurried and screaming towards a lake), and I noticed a considerable amount of fairway roll. I did not notice much difference in distance off the tee or on approach shots when compared to my gamers.

Spin on wedge shots was less than ideal, especially out of the rough. Despite playing on softer greens, I did notice the Q-STAR to jump a little before finally stopping on the green. I specifically recall two wedge shots from the fairway that hit before the hole and bounced twice before rolling off the green.

(Granted, that could have been due to bad swings. Because, you know, I'm bad at golf.)

However, the Q-STAR performed very well on chips from the light rough or fringe. I was able to control their spin nicely from either lie, which is not typical from other 2-piece golf balls. Very impressive.

Overall Impression

Based on all the golf balls I've tested to date, the Srixon Q-STAR balls are the best 2-piece ball I've played.

Distance was good and predictable regardless of club. Spin around the greens was controllable. The feel was harder than I prefer, but nothing crazy. While wedge shots left a little to be desired, they still spun more than other golf balls in this category.

While I still prefer the Q-STAR TOUR, golfers who prefer a 2-piece design should give the Q-STAR a try.

The Srixon Q-STAR golf ball will be available everywhere on August 18th. To learn more, visit Srixon's website here.