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Readers who come to Golf Unfiltered love their golf equipment. Unfortunately, most cannot buy brand new equipment with any sort of regularity (neither can I). makes buying used golf equipment easier than ever before via a simple, safe, peer-to-peer online marketplace. sideline swap logo

What is

Billed as the place "Where Athletes Buy and Sell Their Gear," is a social online marketplace that specializes in reselling used sports equipment. Users sell everything from baseball bats to lacrosse balls to sand wedges to millions of weekend athletes across the globe. Think of it as eBay for athletes... but without the annoying bidding wars common on auction sites.

Founded in 2012 by a group of former college athletes and coaches,'s mission is to "provide athletes with a more affordable way to access gear so that everyone can play the sports they love." Co-founders Brendan Candon (CEO) and Anthony Piazza (Partnerships) have compiled a team focused on not only building their brand, but also to spread the message of their mission.

Both Brendan and Anthony will join me on the GU Podcast soon, but not before they invited me to try out their site first. Spoiler alert: It was fantastic.

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I know what you're thinking.

"This is the part of the article where Adam gushes over a website that let him get a golf club, so of course he's going to say nothing but positive stuff."

Sure, I could easily do that. But I also know my readers aren't idiots. You want my honest opinion on anything I review, and you're going to get exactly that. is hands down the easiest-to-navigate online marketplace I have ever used. That's saying a lot, especially since sites like Etsy, eBay, and Amazon aren't exactly "difficult." The difference is that SidelineSwap has a minimalist theme focused on getting you to products as quickly as possible. I was able to find their entire golf club inventory in just one click.

That's right grandpa: even you could use this website.

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What's Available on

Speaking of their inventory, I was pleasantly surprised by what I found on

Anyone who has ever shopped for used golf equipment knows you'll find a mix of barely used clubs in great condition to worn-out Ping Eye 2's someone found at a garage sale. SidelineSwap offers both, but with a surprising amount of really great equipment at very fair prices.

For example, I've been in the market for a low-lofted hybrid to replace my 3-wood. I prefer the look and feel of the smaller headed hybrids, but finding a used 18* option in good condition has been difficult. Incredibly, I was able to find a slightly used Titleist 915H hybrid with the exact specs I needed in just a few mouseclicks on SidelineSwap for under $150.

I made my purchase using an insanely easy process (did I mention how easy the site is to use?), entered my shipping information, and the young man selling the hybrid got it out to me in less than 3 days. That's efficient.

I was also shocked to see a relatively large inventory of left-handed clubs. I have a friend who constantly complains about how difficult it is to find "backwards clubs" in good condition, which is something SidelineSwap clearly understands. Lefties everywhere can finally rejoice!

There are also a large number of golf shoes, bags, balls, hats, and other accessories. Very convenient.

The only thing that I felt was unneccesary -- and this is being picky -- is the volume of really old equipment. Golf clubs are released rapidly these days, but in my opinion, most people aren't going to buy a TaylorMade driver from 8+ years ago, and especially not for more than $50.

Regardless, golfers everywhere and of any skill level can find something of value on the site without breaking the bank.

Overall Impression is my new go-to marketplace for used golf equipment. Using anything else is pointless, especially after seeing how simple the website is first-hand.

Golfers have a lot of options to choose from when purchasing golf equipment. is not a replacement for nor provides the same value as buying from your local pro shop or major retailers. But if you know exactly what you want, are comfortable with buying used, and are brand-neutral, needs to be bookmarked on your internet browser immediately.