REVIEW: Mizuno MP-5 irons


It's been two years since Mizuno released a true player's blade, and the new Mizuno MP-5 irons are the latest addition to a product line that demands your attention. Featuring clean lines, a gorgeous chrome finish and (egads!) a slight cavity back boost, the Mizuno MP-5 irons were on the top of our "want" list since word of them spread in late-summer. Our friends at Mizuno set us a set, we took those puppies to the driving range and fell in love. Why were we immediately smitten? Let's count the ways.

Look and Feel (5/5)

I got married in January 2010. To borrow an ages-old cliche, watching my wife walk down the aisle was the definition of beauty that will go unmatched for as long as I live. Number two on that list? These Mizuno MP-5 irons. I'm serious. LOOK AT THEM.

Mizuno MP5 Main

The compact clubhead's chrome finish with accents of dark paint in the lettering and Mizuno logo are breathtaking. The old-school ferrule just above the hosel adds to their charm, combining a classic look amid modern technology.

How do they feel? Buttery... when hit pure. The Mizuno MP-5 irons areĀ certainly a better-player's iron as you will be penalized for off-center hits. Impact anywhere else results in a jolting sensation in your hands, which is to be expected. It is clear the precision used when creating these clubs is synonymous to the precision required (and rewarded) when hitting them.

MizunoMP5 topline

Performance (5/5)

These are, quite simply, the best irons I've ever hit. However, you have to know what you're getting into when playing these clubs. Shots struck pure flew with a low, penetrating ball flight with consistent, repeatable distance. While about 5-yards shorter than my current irons (Mizuno JPX 850 Forged), I knew exactly how far each shot would fly when struck properly.

On that point, I was pleasantly surprised how forgiving the Mizuno MP-5 irons were on miss-hits. No, not "game improvement cavity back" forgiving, but still very respectable for a player's iron. I experienced roughly 5 yards of distance loss on toe- or heel-hits, but each shot curved nicely back on-line.

Why you should buy these clubs

I fully admit that the Mizuno MP-5 irons are my "dream clubs." I've wanted them since I saw them, so this is 100 percent a biased review. I don't care, and you shouldn't either. Results don't lie.

If you are looking for a true player's blade, or if you are looking for more shot-shaping capability in your irons, or you simply like beautiful things, then the Mizuno MP-5 irons are for you. Be prepared to put in the practice time to learn how to hit them.

Why you should not buy these clubs

From an effectiveness standpoint, double-digit handicap players will probably have more success with a bulkier iron. Golfers who don't have the time or desire to put in the practice time should consider other club options. These clubs will take work.