Golf Unfiltered Podcast 43: Trevor Reaske of SB Nation


We welcome golf blogger Trevor Reaske of SB Nation to the Golf Unfiltered Podcast this evening, and all hell breaks loose because we're both drinking. Just kidding; we actually try to keep things professional (for the most part). Trevor explains his humble beginnings as a golf blogger in this crazy world while I interject questions trying to sound intelligent. You know, standard operating procedure.

This conversation kind of goes everywhere: we somewhat preview the Shriners Open, jump to all the tomfoolery that takes place on golf Twitter, sadistic squirrels with nefarious agendas, and even find time to discuss the Total Golf Move/Golf Channel debacle that happened this week. AND WHAT THE FUCK IS A SHRINER?

Trevor was a fantastic guest, a lot of fun to talk to, and this episode is definitely worth your time!

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