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REVIEW: Cleveland Golf RTX-3 Wedges


The new Cleveland Golf RTX-3 wedges pack a ton of new technology in a classic wedge design that fans of the brand are bound to love. After playing with the wedges for about a month, I agree that these are possibly the best wedges on the market today. I can go into a bunch of detail on the tech that each wedge features, or I can let the brainiacs at Cleveland Golf tell you themselves. Yeah, let's do that.

Lot's of fancy words in that video. End of the day, the new RTX-3 wedges help you get the ball closer to the hole with a tighter shot dispersion than you've ever seen before.

From a playability standpoint, the Cleveland RTX-3 wedges excel in all areas. The different V-Shape sole grind options give the player a customized feel and bounce response that perfectly suits any playing conditions with which you are most comfortable. This promotes crisp contact with each shot regardless of distance or playing situation.

Cleveland RTX-3 sole

Each clubhead has a weight and shape that promotes confidence at address, even if you're opening the clubface to hit a flop or sand shot. The new Rotex face with New Tour Zip Grooves helps keep your golf ball on the green from any distance, even on miss hits off the toe or heel. Overall, I was extremely pleased with how well I was able to control my spin regardless of the quality of each strike. The versatility of each wedge also allows you to play pitch, chip, flop, or sand shots with ease.

The Cleveland Golf RTX-3 wedges come in three finish options: Tour Satin, Black Satin, and my personal favorite, the Tour Raw. You can also choose from the blade or cavity back clubhead to fit your preference.

Be sure to visit the Cleveland Golf RTX-3 featured page to learn more about each sole grind option to help you choose the right option for your game and playing conditions. Each wedge retails for $129.99.


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