How to Practice Your Golf Swing in Secret: #SecretRange


We at Golf Unfiltered understand who our readers are. We know that you are the type of golf fan who thinks about the game as much as your family. Sometimes, you think about golf more than your family.

You want to know more about the game than what television shows us or that you experience at your local municipal course. You're interested in equipment reviews, how golf balls spin, why moment of inertia is important, and why touring professionals are so quirky.

But most importantly, you study the golf swing. You practice it. You research it. You obsess about it.

So, you are probably one of the many golf nuts who spend time on the driving range in your mind. The "Secret Range." The one you visit when no one is looking, and not always at an actual golf course.

What's the #SecretRange?


You defined what we all do in secret.



That guy you see practicing the overlap grip with a pen in your weekly meeting? He gets it.

Your friend's apartment with golf club marks on her ceiling? She gets it.

Your coworker who pauses in front of the full-length mirror to check his address position? He gets it.

The lady in line at Starbucks who shifts from one foot to the next, with maybe a bit of hip rotation? She gets it, too.

We encourage you to share your stories of the time you witnessed someone practicing on their #SecretRange, or when you caught yourself doing the same. Reach out to us on Twitter with the hashtag #SecretRange to share your story.