Note to Self: Don't Golf in Indonesia

Talk about country club drama. This morning the Washington Post is reporting a recent murder at the Modern Golf Club in Tangerang, Indonesia where a golfer was shot to death in his BMW while leaving the club:

The chief suspect: a rival middle-aged golfer who, while running Indonesia's Corruption Eradication Commission, received off-the-green services from the victim's 22-year-old wife. They'd met on the golf course when she was working as his caddie.

What is even more interesting about this story is the fact that most caddies in this region of the world are attractive young women (200 out of 250 caddies, to be exact). Furthermore, many caddies are now coming forward with evidence that inappropriate contact between golfer and caddy is more common than previously expected. Stated one caddy, "They like to pretend they are teaching me how to hit a golf ball, you know, hugging me from behind and touching my thighs," said one Modern caddie. She asked that her name not be used. Groping golfers, she said, "usually give big tips, so I don't mind" (

This matter has reached higher courts in the region:

Exactly what happened at Modern and in a room at the Grand Mahakam Hotel is now under review by a Jakarta court, which recently began the murder trial of Indonesia's busted corruption-buster, Antasari Azhar. Prosecutors allege he had the husband of his former caddie killed to escape blackmail. Azhar has denied any involvement. His lawyers accused prosecutors of presenting "porn material" instead of evidence. Local television carried the proceedings live (