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Nike VR Forged Pro Combo Irons Review

nike vr forged pro combo irons This week I had the opportunity to try out the new Nike VR Forged Pro Combo irons and am pleased to say they will be the sticks I'll play throughout 2014. Here's why.

Nike Golf has been creating combination irons for quite some time now, quickly becoming a worldwide leader in the technology. Simply put, combo iron sets feature muscle-back or cavity-back technology in the long irons and a one-piece blade-like clubhead in the shorter irons. This combination helps players get the ball up into the air with a high trajectory in the long irons while maintaining unparalleled control and consistency in the short clubs.

The new Nike VR Forged Pro Combo irons feature all of that great technology and so much more. There is a certain feel and sound that goes in to playing a forged iron, and these clubs are right on the mark in that sense. In fact, Nike Golf cast the Nike VR Forged Pro Combo irons in the same materials as their famous Method putters. Doing so gave these irons a unique, solid sound at impact that you will truly appreciate.

Designed for mid- to low-handicap players, what you will like most about the Nike VR Forged Pro Combo irons is the playability in the long irons. I've always struggled with playing a 3- or 4-iron off the fairway (or rough, for that matter) because I am routinely unable to get the ball to a trajectory that will land soft on the green. Not once did I have that issue with these irons. Not only did the ball get way up into the air without compromising shot distance, but the patented X3X grooves on the clubface provided just enough spin to have my golf ball land softly on the green. That's a winning combination.

The Nike VR Forged Pro Combo irons feature a smaller clubface and hitting area, so players with a handicap higher than 12 will probably struggle with hitting these clubs consistently. Nike offers a wide range of other irons for that player ability, so be sure to check out the company website for more information.

The Nike VR Forged Pro Combo irons hit retail stores on November 1st and will retail for $999.99.

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