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Nike Method MOD 90 Putter Review

nike method mod 90When Nike Golf announced they were releasing a "modern-classic" line of putters for the 2014 season, I was a bit confused. How can something be both modern and classic? After testing the new Nike Method MOD 90 putter, all of my questions were answered... and then some.

First and foremost, the Nike Method MOD 90 might be the nicest putter I have ever laid my eyes on. The look of this club is not only mindblowing, but it is reminiscent of the thin, heavy blade putters my dad and grandfather used to play. This is when the whole modern-classic element became perfectly clear to me: Nike has installed modern putter technology into the look and feel of classic putters from yesteryear.

When it comes to feel, the Nike Method MOD 90 had a somewhat transitional element to the feedback you receive in your hands depending on length of putt. For shorter (sub-10 feet) putts, the MOD 90 provided a soft feel. However, for longer lag putts, the putter felt "harder" or more "stiff". That's not necessarily a bad thing.

Putters can be a bit confusing at times, especially when you are trying to gauge the right distance. Thanks to technologies like heel-toe weighting, a face that promotes an immediate, true roll and an overall weighing that exudes confidence, the Nike Method MOD 90 proved to be a highly versatile club from any putt length.

For me, the thin clubhead took a bit getting used to at first as I am a person more accustomed to mallet or hybrid-style putter heads. However, this is an extremely mild criticism of what is otherwise one of the best made putters I have ever tried.

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