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Improve Your Golf Fitness with SKLZ


SKLZ has long been known for offering athletes a wide range of high-quality fitness and training products. Golf fitness cannot be over-stressed as it is something every player should practice. Now that the winter months are upon us, you can use a number of these products to keep your game in line during the offseason. sklz training 1

For example, the Balanz Pad is a foam balance and stability trainer that is both compact and transportable. By performing a number of different golf fitness exercises using the Pad, you can engage your core muscles and leg muscles to maintain and improve your balance, which translates nicely to a golf swing.

sklz training 2

Likewise, having strong legs is imperative to generating power in your swing from the ground up. SKLZ's Mini Bands fit securely around your ankles allowing you to perform a series of strengthening exercises in the comfort of your own home or neighborhood gym.

sklz training 3

In terms of core strength, the company also offers a Stability Ball that many of us have probably seen in gyms across the nation. In addition to providing a quality method of strengthening your stomach and back muscles, the Ball also serves as a fitting stretch assistant.

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