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Golf is Stupid Reason #276: Dual-59's Don't Count on Euro Tour

  dual 59

Follow me on this one if you can:

There has never been a sub-60 round shot in a tournament on the European Tour. During the second round of the European Tour's 2013 Nelson Mandela Championship, two golfers -- Jorge Campillo and Colin Nel -- accomplished the unimaginable.

They both shot 59. On the same day. Incredible.

So why would I title this post "Golf is Stupid"?

You see, prior to Campillo and Nel shooting their incredible rounds, a shit-ton of rain fell in Durban, South Africa. So much so, in fact, that tournament officials allowed lift-clean-and-place rules for all players.

Because Campillo and Nel gave themselves preferred lies throughout their round, tour officials deemed their 59s "unofficial".

Personally, I've never heard of a dumber decision in the history of professional golf. "Contradiction" nor "injustice" adequately describe what the Euro Tour decided to do to two of its competitors. Furthermore, the proposed argument or a "level playing field" by which to judge all sub-60 rounds -- past, present and future -- is laughable.

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