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Ryan Ballengee's In-Depth Look into Shady Golf Pro

ryan ballengee Ryan Ballengee, owner and operator at GolfNewsNet.com and friend to ChicagoDuffer.com, published a fantastic piece of investigative journalism looking into former golf pro Jeff Cochran; a man who claims he lost a Nevada-based sponsor after learning of his political views. Cochran's story is a deep and twisted one, which Ballengee exposes in glaring detail, including a string of communication from who was believed to be PGA Tour pro Chris Riley (which ends up being fake). In fact, it would appear that most -- if not all -- of Cochran's story is completely false.

Here's a taste of Ballengee's post:

Dennis Silvers is a Las Vegas-based golf talk show host. I hear his “Dennis Silvers Golf Minute” every Wednesday morning as I wait on hold to make a radio appearance in New Mexico. I feel like I know the guy, even though I had never met him. He’s been involved in golf media for decades.

“I was completely duped by this guy (Cochran),” Silvers said Tuesday. “He is a 100 percent phony.”

If you have a few minutes and are interested in reading one of the best blog columns of the year, give this a look. You'll be glad that you did.

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