Introducing the TaylorMade R15 Driver


TaylorMade R15 driver Late last week, TaylorMade Golf introduced the newest driver to their ever-evolving metalwood line, the TaylorMade R15. This time featuring two "slider" weights they made popular with the SLDR driver earlier this year, the R15 promises to be TaylorMade's most exciting driver to date.

Of course, that's what they always say. But I digress.

According to the company's website, TaylorMade has put 'everything they have' into the R15, which I suppose means they've mashed as many popular technology features as they can into one driver. I'm not sure if that's good or bad. Obviously TaylorMade feel their newest driver surpasses everything that came before it, because apparently they wouldn't have slapped the 'R' designation on the club. See?

Clear as mud? You're not alone.

Let's just stick to the facts. The TaylorMade R15 driver features something called the Front Track System, which "acts like a Speed Pocket [commonly seen on their irons and fairway woods] to expand [the club's] sweet spot and decrease spin." Two movable weights on the club's sole can be adjusted to different positions, promoting max distance, draw- or fade-bias, or max stability throughout the clubhead. Available in white or black paint, the R15 appears to be a slight upgrade from the popular SLDR driver from early 2014.

Other than that, you're basically looking at a club that is very similar to the new Mizuno JPX 850. Just...with a sliding mechanism. Sorry, but it's true.

Don't get me wrong, folks; I am not trying to speak ill of TaylorMade's new product. I actually like TaylorMade. A lot. But at some point we have to look at what is being manufactured and ask, "Is this really that different from the last thing that came out?"

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