REVIEW: Mizuno JPX 850 Driver


  The new Mizuno JPX 850 driver proves that the company is making a huge push in the metalwoods department, both in terms of technology and performance. We had the chance to test the new driver during a recent range session. These are the results.


According to the company website, Mizuno introduced their Fast Track technology to the golf world in 2007. This tech makes a return in the JPX 850 driver, allowing you to adjust weight dispersion, center-of-gravity placement, spin rates and shot shape. In addition, you are also able to adjust the loft (8 settings ranging from 7.5- to 11.5 degrees) of the club thanks to an adjustable hosel.

Look and Feel

The Mizuno JPX 850 driver is absolutely gorgeous to look at. We particularly liked the bright blue club crown and white accent colors, which provided the club an ultra-modern appearance. The matte-gray clubface contrasted against the golf ball beautifully, adding to the club's allure.

At impact, the JPX 850 driver felt soft and crisp; two qualities that we prefer. The ball explodes off the clubface with a "professional" muted sound that will attract the attention and envy of your playing partners. When hit flush, I'm not sure there is a better feeling driver on the market.

The new JPX 850 driver by my friends at @Golf_Mizuno #golf

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We were very impressed with the Mizuno JPX 850 driver's overall performance. While it took a little experimenting to find the proper setting for our club tester, the results that followed were absolutely incredible. Even on a cold, windy Chicago afternoon, drives routinely carried 240+ yards on flush hits, running out well past 265 yards. There's no telling how this will translate during the summer months, but we're excited.

The Mizuno JPX 850 driver was also quite forgiving. We did notice a slight distance drop on drives off the toe and/or heel, but accuracy never seemed to be compromised. The club's gear effect corrected impact mistakes very nicely.

mizuno jpx850 side


Believe it or not, but the new Mizuno JPX 850 driver will be in my bag to start next season. We haven't hit a driver that capitalized on all critical areas (distance, accuracy, adjustability) quite like the Mizuno JPX 850 driver. Mizuno simply got this right.