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DUFF TEST: 3Up Golf 2S14 Golf Ball


3up golf 2s14When it comes to the indie golf ball movement, there are few companies who do it better than the folks at 3Up Golf. Their trendsetting 3F12 ball changed the game for affordable premium ball models, and their new 2S14 model raises the bar again. The 2S14 golf ball is a two-piece ball designed for slower swing speeds or players looking for a ball with a soft feel and higher spin rates. The ball’s 392 dimple count promotes a higher ball flight and incredible feel around the greens which can benefit players of any caliber.

My recent round playing the 2S14 ball left me feeling impressed and astonished at the same time. While the ball was “designed” for swing speeds slower than mine (I can break the 100 mph barrier with my driver because I’m a cool guy), I noticed little to no difference in distance from my typical premium golf ball. I also loved the ball flight I received with each hit, which was high, penetrating and did not balloon, even when hitting into the wind.

At a retail price of under $25 per dozen, you simply cannot go wrong with the 2S14 golf ball by 3Up Golf. If that doesn’t convince you enough, 3Up Golf will also donate $3 of every dozen balls sold to golf charities.

Why you should buy this golf ball

If you are a mid-to-high handicap player with a sub-100 mph swing speed, this is the golf ball for you. This is especially true since you will be hard-pressed to find a better quality golf ball at this price point. Don't let the indie name brand scare you.

Why you should not buy this golf ball

Lower handicap players may be better served by the brand's 3F12 golf ball, which caters to higher swing speeds. Other than that, I have nothing negative to say about the 2S14.

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