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A Quick Note on Hack Golf

Hack Golf is the brainchild of former TaylorMade golf CEO Mark King, and entails replacing the traditional golf hole with a 15-inch mammoth cup on every green. The hope is that this will drive new golfers to the game, ultimately solving the sport's growing participation problem.

I thought this was a complete pipedream. After playing Hack Golf for the first time last week, I admit I was 100% wrong.

Not only was Hack Golf an amazing, fun experience for both me and my wife (who is an above-average female golfer), but it is absolutely an alternative form of golf that everyone should play once.

Here are a two benefits I suspect Hack Golf could offer to the masses:

It eliminates a major golf dissatisfier

Playing golf with 15-inch holes dramatically increases the chances you will make a putt at any time. In fact, my wife and I both made 40-foot putts at one point during our 9-hole round. Many of our chip shots also threatened the large cup, adding a "hope" factor to every single golf hole.

Yes, golfers will have to still reach the green at some point. But Hack Golf completely removes the time wasted hitting three-putts, reading greens (to a point) and anything else short-game related.

It speeds up play

In addition to making your short game easier, Hack Golf also helps you finish holes faster. We played nine holes in about an hour, which is about 45 minutes faster than our normal pace. This freed up the rest of our morning quite nicely.

Get out and try Hack Golf when you have a chance. Eagle Ridge Resort & Spa is just one of the courses in the Chicagoland area to offer the alternative game.

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