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Cleveland Golf Announces Launcher Irons and Launcher Halo Hybrid

Cleveland Golf Announces Launcher Irons and Launcher Halo Hybrid

Cleveland Golf continues a breakneck pace of new releases this season with their new Launcher HB Turbo irons, Launcher UHX irons and Launcher Halo hybrid.

Cleveland Launcher HB Turbo irons.

Cleveland Launcher HB Turbo irons.

Launcher HB Turbo Irons

Squarely in the maximum game improvement category, the Cleveland Launcher HB Turbo irons are designed to be incredibly easy to hit for players looking for more forgiveness, distance and accuracy.

“These irons allow game improvement players the ability to get the ball into the air better than any iron on the market,” said Dustin Brekke, Director of Engineering, Research and Development. “Now with a thinner, hotter face, the Launcher HB Turbo Irons give you a half club more distance over the previous generation.”

From Cleveland, the key features of the Launcher HB Turbo irons include:

  • Hollow Construction: Fully hollow construction along with internal stabilizing ribs provides ultimate forgiveness on every shot.

  • Turbocharged Face: Each iron features a turbocharged, high strength steel face that is thinner and hotter for increased ball speeds and explosive distance.

  • HiBore Crown: Redesigned HiBore Crown features low, deep weighting to produce an easy to hit, high ball flight.

  • Progressive Hollow Shaping: Progressive shaping provides a smooth transition from hybrid-like long irons to iron-like short irons. It’s a seamless changeover with forgiveness where you need it and control where you want it.

Cleveland Launcher UHX irons.

Cleveland Launcher UHX irons.

Launcher UHX Irons

The Cleveland Launcher UHX irons are also geared toward players who need a little help in the forgiveness and distance category, but still want the feel and appearance of a traditional cavity back. The design of the UHX irons blend seamlessly into that of Cleveland CBX2 wedges, allowing for a full-bag look for players who like consistency throughout their set.

“This combination of cavity back and utility irons into one set offers the perfect blend of distance and accuracy,” Brekke said. “A new variable face pattern delivers more distance due to hotter faces with better mass distribution.”

From Cleveland, the main features of the UHX irons include:

  • Hollow and Cavity Back Construction: Hollow long irons provide more forgiveness, while cavity back short irons provide more control when attacking the pin.

  • Variable High Strength Steel Face: A variable high strength HT1770M steel face insert delivers explosive ball speeds for increased distance, even on heel and toe impacts.

  • V-Shaped Sole: Featured in both the cavity back and hollow designs, the V-Shaped Sole improves turf interaction for better speed retention at impact.

  • Tour Zip Grooves: Tour Zip Grooves and Laser Milling deliver maximum spin for optimal control throughout the Launcher UHX Irons.

Cleveland Launcher Halo hybrid.

Cleveland Launcher Halo hybrid.

Launcher Halo

A forgiving hybrid to its core, the Launcher Halo is a name long-time fans of the brand will remember. This is a club designed to help you from any lie on the course, thanks to their patented Gliderail Technology along the club’s sole.

“We all hit it in the rough and find ourselves in difficult positions out on the course,” said Brian Schielke, Marketing Director at Cleveland Golf. “And it’s those tough places that add big numbers to our scorecards. The new Launcher Halo helps us not only get out of those tough spots, but helps us excel from them and get into scoring position. It’s so much more than a typical hybrid.”

Again from Cleveland, the Halo’s key features:

  • Gliderails: Featuring a set of three rails, the leading edge and sole geometries are optimized for improved turf interaction and speed retention.

  • HiBore Crown: The redesigned HiBore Crown enables a lower CG position, promoting that ideal low spin, high launch ball flight.

  • High Strength Steel Face: Constructed using high strength steel, the variable face insert provides higher COR over a larger impact area leading to increased ball speeds and distance.

The Launcher HB Turbo and UHX irons will retail for $799.99 for steel ($899.99 graphite). The Launcher Halo will retail for $199.99 and will be available in 2 (16°), 3 (19°) and 4 (22°) models.

Visit Cleveland Golf’s website to learn more.

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