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REVIEW: Cleveland Golf CBX2 Wedges

REVIEW: Cleveland Golf CBX2 Wedges

The new Cleveland Golf CBX2 wedges are an upgrade from last year’s model, promising forgiveness for players who need it without sacrificing versatility in your short game. Having played wedges from the brand for many years, this newest release from Cleveland might be one their best, ever.

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Technology and Specs

Do you need forgiveness in your short game? Chances are unless I see you play on my television every weekend, you could use a little help. In fact, many touring pros across multiple tours are realizing the benefits of a more forgiving wedge. This is where the Cleveland CBX2 wedges come into play.

Specifically designed for golfers who prefer playing cavity back irons — which is most of us these days — the CBX2 wedge is the result of a bottom-up design philosophy. Traditionally, wedges are designed with the world’s best players in mind first, followed by the rest of us mere mortals. Cleveland flipped this mentality on its head by specifically wanting to help the majority of players who need it most.

“The short game is critical to playing your best golf, and playing wedges designed for your game – and the shots you like to hit – is key,” said Brian Schielke, Marketing Director at Cleveland Golf. “That’s why Cleveland CBX 2 wedges were created. They make the short game easier and more forgiving for the majority of golfers out there playing game-improvement equipment.”

While this is a cavity back wedge in every sense of the word, the CBX2 also features many of the same qualities of the brand’s blade-like RTX-4 wedges. This includes Rotex Face technology, featuring grooves designed to give you all the spin you need (and more) from any wedge distance.

What puts the CBX2 into a different class from their better-player cousins is the combination of the hollow-cavity design that maximizes MOI and perimeter weighting for more forgiveness on off-center hits. Don’t think this is important in a wedge? The next time you practice your short game, notice how many balls you hit off the toe of your wedge. (Hint: if you’re like most players, it’ll be a lot.)

“The Cleveland CBX 2 gives you 25% more shots on the sweet spot,” said Dustin Brekke, Engineering Manager, Research and Development. “This helps you hit better shots, but also drastically improves feel at impact.”

The other design feature of note is the CBX2’s feel balancing and Gelback tech, reducing vibration at impact. We’ve all felt the unpleasant sensation of a poorly-struck wedge. Cleveland addresses this issue with these features to boost our confidence ever so slightly.


Having played a couple rounds with the CBX2 wedges, there is no doubt in my mind that I needed the forgiveness and help they offer to my game. This became crystal clear when my short game improved noticeably as soon as I put these wedges into play.


I’ve always thought I was a better wedge player than I apparently am. That probably applies to most amateur players. Full transparency: I had the RTX-4 wedges in my bag previously and due to poor swing mechanics, I have been struggling greatly with that part of my game. I needed help. Fast.

The CBX2 wedges offered my that help. The weight of the wedges was slightly heavier than my previous set, reducing my thin shots and promoting a shallower swing plane needed for solid contact. Could golf lessons fix this swing flaw, allowing me to go back to a players wedge? Of course; but I like having options.

The wedges feel phenomenal at impact, offering a percussive, solid sound off the turf. Ball flight was what you would expect, and spin rates were very similar to what I saw with my previous set. Shots from 100-yards held the green nicely, even backing up after two bounces on crisply-struck shots.

What I was impressed with most was the CBX2’s usefulness around the greens. Despite being thicker than my previous wedges, the CBX2 clubhead shape allows you to lay it open when needed, or slow it down for running chips if preferred. The Rotex face is there to help with spin, putting you on autopilot without having to worry about how your ball is going to respond.

When put all together, I came away with two feelings about the CBX2 wedge:

  1. My game will benefit substantially from making this switch to a more forgiving wedge

  2. I should have realized this much sooner in the season

Overall Impression

You all know how I feel about Cleveland Golf as a brand. Having collaborated with them for awhile now, I’m always excited to learn more about what is being released next. I’ve yet to be disappointed, but the CBX2 wedges have surpassed even my expectations.

I’m actually angry that I haven’t realized the benefits of a cavity back wedge sooner. This is a testament to the overall design of the CBX2 wedge, because the performance boost is almost immediate. That may sound like hyperbole, but I ask you to not just take my word for it. Go out, try these clubs, and I can almost guarantee that you will experience similar results right from the start.

Is the CBX2 wedge perfect for every player? Of course not; and I don’t want to insinuate that. But I can safely say that every player who enjoys this game can benefit from playing a more forgiving wedge in some way.

If you are thinking about testing this suggestion for yourself, do so with the Cleveland CBX2 wedge. You won’t be disappointed.

You can pre-order your Cleveland Golf CBX2 wedges today. Visit BudgetGolf.com for more deals.

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