New Titleist Vokey D Grind Wedges Introduced

Titleist D.jpeg

Titleist follows up yesterday’s news of two new driver releases — the TS1 and TS4 — with today’s unveiling of a new wedge grind option in their popular Vokey series: the D Grind.

Billed as a “player’s high bounce wedge”, the Vokey D Grind is a follow up to last year’s SM7 D grind option and features the same crescent shape of Vokey’s popular M Grind wedges. Master craftsman Bob Vokey is doubling down on his philosophy that players should have a high bounce sand wedge and low bounce lob for optimal shot versatility in your lowest scoring clubs.

“During most of my fittings, I’m striving to fit the player into two different grinds. We always fit based on how the player uses their wedges, but my preference is notably a high bounce sand wedge and mid-to-low bounce lob wedge, so they have the versatility to face all different types of shots and conditions,” Vokey said. “Bringing the D Grind to the 54 and 56 degree models opens up a great new fitting opportunity in these sand wedge lofts.”

The higher bounce portion of the grind shape is introduced when addressing the ball square, and the lower, tighter bounce can be used when opening the face of the wedge. This basically gives you three or more wedges in one design, unlocking an array of shot options for skilled players. Of course, the new D Grind wedges have been tested extensively on TOUR already and are receiving high praise among the Titleist faithful.

Each Titleist Vokey D Grind wedge will start at $195. For more information, be sure to visit their product page here.