Yang Challenges South Korea to Arm Wrestling Match

In the wake of his lackluster performance at this week's Grand Slam of Golf at Port Royal due to jet-lag, PGA Champion and Tiger-slayer Y.E. Yang has decided to take action against his home country.

According to reports, numerous airport delays at a Korean airport caused Yang to jump on the only available flight to Bermuda, barely arriving in time for Yang to prepare for the tournament properly. As a result, the physically fit golfer has issued a formal challenge to anyone from his homeland to an arm wrestling match (location yet to be determined, but it will undoubtedly be nasty).

"Something has to be done to right this travesty," Yang stated through an interpreter. "Everyone knows I can beat the greatest golfer in the world, let alone these three ya-hoos! Heck, that Glover guy was barely even paying attention most of the time!"

Those in attendance at the tournament also noticed the sleepy Yang during his rounds, often to the point that many worried about his state of mind.

"We thought he was going to fall over most of the time, especially when walking near the cliffs," one tournament attendee noted. "His caddy was basically carrying him, his clubs, and his interpreter for 18 holes. I don't know about you, but that is commitment!"

Airport officials were unable to be reached for comment regarding the cause of the delays, however many attribute ol'fashioned tomfoolery as a possible motive.

*Note: The above report is completely made up. Except for the tomfoolery, because that airport is insane.