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Workout Programs and Golf

My fiance and I have taken "a" plunge before we take "the" plunge in January: we have decided to try the P90X workout.

For those of you that have no idea what I am talking about, this workout is "guaranteed" to get you "absolutely ripped in 90 days" via the use of muscle confusion and high-intensity workouts. What does that mean? That means that for the next 90 straight days, I am going to be a crabby, whiny little boy.

However, a brief search on YouTube will show you some pretty staggering results of this workout, even after the first 30 and 60 days. There is a very good reason for this transformation on virtually everyone that does it: the nutrition plan that also comes with the program. While I am required to eat a ridiculous amount of calories (2800) to maintain enough energy to do this torture on a daily basis, I guess trying to eat more is easier than trying to refrain from eating too much.

My biggest concern with doing this workout? How will it affect my flexibility and thus my golf swing?

I am currently playing the best golf of my life (I am currently between an 8 and a 9 handicap) and would really like to ride this train a little farther... or at least until the the warm months here in Chicago run out. While there are a few stretching routines incorporated with this workout, something tells me that the Yoga portion will be my saving grace as far as flexibility maintenance goes.

My only advice for you avid golfers that choose to start a workout program is rather obvious: you MUST maintain your flexibility throughout the entire process (unless you plan on taking a leave of absence from the game... and who wants to do that???). I will do my best to keep anyone who is interested in my progress via Twitter @ChicagoDuffer.

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