Woods, Others Dropped from Gillette Campaign

This really had nothing to do with Tiger's "transgressions".  Really.  I swear.  *cough* According to numerous sources yesterday, Procter & Gamble Co. will not renew its endorsement deal with Tiger Woods at the end of the year.  As PGATour.com suggests, however, this was more a direct result of the company dropping it's Gillette "Champions" campaign, thus ending similar sponsorship deals with other professional athletes:

The company used Woods, Roger Federer, Lionel Messi and dozens of other athletes as part of its three-year "Gillette Champions" marketing campaign. Gillette said Thursday it was phasing out that program and not renewing the contract with Woods and several other athletes. It stopped using Woods himself in the campaign months ago.

What's funny is that the above statement doesn't point out whether Federer or Derek Jeter, another high-profile athlete working with Gillette, have also been dropped officially from sponsorship; instead, it merely says the campaign is being "phased out" while possibly keeping Federer and Jeter for future advertisements.

It seems that Woods was being "phased out" long before this revelation as well.  In the wake of losing sponsorships to Gatorade, Accenture LLP, and AT&T Inc., Gillette stood by their man... by not featuring Tiger in another ad of any kind since that infamous November in 2009.


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