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Windy City Golf League: Special Offer for Readers!

One of the biggest issues with being a golf addict like myself is that you don't always have someone to play with on a moment's notice. Scheduling a time to play 18 holes with a group of friends can be about as frustrating as missing a 5-foot putt for birdie. Over time I just learned to deal with playing most of my rounds by myself. Then came along the Windy City Golf League.

The brainchild of University of Michigan alum and Chicago resident Jason Rotter, this isn't your typical golf league - and it doesn't want to be. For example, most golf leagues have a set weekly schedule that members have to keep in order to play matches. This can be quite taxing for those of us who have day jobs, family commitments, and other time constraints. For players who live in the city, league-play can be quite expensive to travel to the suburbs on a regular basis just to play 9 holes at the same course week after week. In other words, golf leagues can be rather inconvenient to enjoy for many golf enthusiasts. The Windy City Golf League (WCGL) changes all of that.

The biggest benefit of playing on the WCGL is its convenience factor: members can schedule matches at any course, any time, against anyone, as many times during the season as they wish. Can you say 'flexibility'?

Rather than limiting people to a number of select courses, members can play their matches at literally any course in the world. This becomes very convenient when a few friends, or a large group of people are in the same flight and decide to take a golf trip. Nothing could be more accessible or convenient for the league golfer.

As Rotter states during my recent conversation with him, golfers are grouped and flighted by handicap and typical availability (weekdays, weekends, etc.). Throughout the season, "you can play as many matches as you want against any opponent within your flight. You win points for each match based on how many strokes you win or lose by." Members are responsible for contacting fellow members to set up matches, which can all be accomplished via the WCGL website. It simply could not be any easier.

So, after discussing the WCGL with Rotter, I was convinced to sign up for the 2012 Spring season, which begins on April 16th. I plan on blogging about my matches throughout the season, as well as tweeting my experiences via my Twitter account (@chicagoduffer). I now have a league that I can participate in at my leisure with golfers at my skill-level at the courses I prefer.

And now you can too.

As a special offer to the readers of ChicagoDuffer.com, you can join the WCGL with a $10 registration fee discount by using the coupon code Duffer2012 when you register (normally $60, now $50 with the coupon code).

If you've ever wanted to play in a league but never had the time to do so, now is your chance. Don't pass up this great opportunity!

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