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What Have We Learned in 2009

As the 2009 PGA Tour season is winding down, I thought it would be a good time to reflect on what we, as fans, have learned over the course of the year:

1) No matter what we are told, the FedEx Cup Playoffs is still far from perfect. Let's face it; this whole idea of a "golf playoff system" is probably never going to be 100% sound, but at least the system is better than last year. However, the idea that a player can play well in one tournament and increase his points position substantially despite stinking it up for a whole season is pretty pathetic (*cough* Slocum *cough), especially when Tiger Woods still has a legit chance at not winning the Cup.

2) Other players not named "Tiger" can play pretty well in the majors, but no one will remember. Take a moment and try to name all 4 major winners for 2009 in under 20 seconds. OK, 30 seconds. A minute? My point exactly.

3) Golf courses need to get shorter, not longer. For example, any tournament this season that featured a drivable Par 4 stood out to be one of the more competitive weeks seen in a long time. Granted, many older courses needed to be renovated and adjusted to account for new equipment, stronger players, and Tiger Woods. But how much fun is it to watch the winning score of a non-major be 2-under? Fans like risk-and-reward situations for any player, and especially if that player's name is Phil Mickelson.

4) Fans and players can interact more now than ever before. Thanks to social media sites like Twitter and Facebook, fans now have the opportunity to let John Daly or Ian James Poulter know exactly what we think about his pants.

5) Sergio Garcia has claimed the "best player not to have won a Major" title. Yet Stewart Cink sneaked by everyone and won a British Open? How does that even happen?

6) Swing coaches are to blame for anything that goes wrong, until things suddenly go right. Just ask Hank Haney or Butch Harmon. Hank was basically hiding from the angry townspeople after the PGA Championship, and Butch is still running from Adam Scott's Surfer Army. Let us not forget that these two coaches actually know what they are talking about, people! Speaking of Adam Scott...

7) Adam Scott should stick to surfing and dating movie stars. He obviously has bigger and better (and more plastic) things on his mind than winning PGA Tour events. Wasn't he supposed to be the heir-apparent to Tiger? Or was that AK? Or Rory McElroy? Or Bryce Molder?

8) Tiger needs to win a Major each year to be considered "successful". This is the most ridiculous to me. The man wins 5 times (to date) on the first season he is back from major reconstructive surgery on his (pivot) left knee, yet people still feel his year was a bust because of no Major? What a twisted world we live in.

9) Rich Learner is a robot. Sorry, I just couldn't help myself. Moving right along AND finally...

10) Charles Barkley is still the worst golfer in the world. Sorry Hank, I tried to help you out a few numbers above, but not even you can help this hot mess.

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