What Does $750 Million Buy You?

With the details of the Tiger/Elin divorce now official, the world's number one golfer can now add another feather to his cap of records. In other words, the $750 million proposed price tag on this divorce is the third-largest of all time for celebrities, right behind Rupert Murdoch ($1.7 billion) and Adnan Khashoggi ($874 million).

However, as WaggleRoom.com's Ryan Ballengee reports, does this mean that Tiger is worth more than $1 billion? If what Elin is reportedly walking away with after this settlement, then there is a very good chance. After all, the former Mrs. Woods' lawyers must have done their homework on researching Tiger's overall worth. But what if $750 million is more than just a settlement amount... and more of a "stay quiet" price tag? And if so, what exactly does Tiger want kept quiet?

During his first official press conference following his now very public sex scandal, Tiger was asked questions ranging from his infidelity to the extent of his injuries suffered on Thanksgiving night. In addition, Tiger was asked what the extent of his relationship with now-disgraced doctor Tony Galea. At the press conference, Tiger admitted to working with the doctor for the purpose of receiving treatments for his surgically-repaired ACL (and ultimately his ruptured Achilles' tendon). Furthermore, Tiger went so far as naming the medical procedures he agreed to under the watchful eye of Galea, which included surgical plasma injections surrounding Tiger's knee ligaments.

After Galea's arrest, questions surrounding Tiger's relationship with the doctor, Tiger's obvious improved physique over the course of his career, and the possibility that Woods may have taken performance-improving drugs prescribed by Galea.

So what type of leverage would Elin have, if in fact she did have information regarding her now ex-husband? What could possibly come out to the public that would prompt Camp Tiger to agree, with very little arguing, to such a hefty settlement?

Could it be more women that we don't know about? That wouldn't be surprising, and certainly not worth $750 million.

Possible love-child? Maybe; but again, would it really be that damning to Tiger's image in comparison to what has already become public knowledge?

Or maybe, just maybe, Elin knows the true extent of the treatments Tiger received from Galea? With all things considered, that piece of information could be worth much more.