Watson Accomplishes the Impossible

The 2009 British Open will unfortunately always be known as the "one that Watson should have won" for the eventual champion, Stewart Cink. This is not to downplay the talent of Stewie, especially when considering the fact that he has been a predominant force on the PGA Tour for years and often in the Top 10 on any given tournament. He was long due for a major win... and even he can't believe that he had to beat a Hall of Famer to do it.

Tom Watson, 59, should be a household name for any self-repecting golf fan over the age of 25. However, even though he didn't win the tournament, Watson achieved something that not even Tiger Woods has done in his career: The Old TW made a name for himself for a second time.

For four days, young golf fans had the chance to learn about the history of golf from watching perhaps one of the sport's best teachers. He shocked the biggest golf fans, young and old, for 71 holes in the most prestigious golf tournament in the world while this generation's superstar missed the cut. When millions of television viewers could have turned the television off as soon as Tiger holed his 74th shot on Friday, but they didn't. In fact, many more tuned in because of what Watson was able to do in conditions that many could not.

While he didn't win the tournament, Watson didn't have to. He won the hearts of many people that possibly never would have seen him otherwise... and they saw him exactly as how he should forever be remembered. A success.