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VIDEO: Watch Jordan Spieth hit the worst golf shot ever


Jordan Spieth has been struggling recently with his game, so when this Instagram video surfaced of the Wonder Kid almost killing everyone on the driving range you couldn't help but laugh. We come across a ton of funny golf videos over the interwebs, and while we don't repost many on this site, some are just too good to pass over.

Spieth is warming up on the driving range prior to a tournament round (not sure which tournament; help me out, internet detectives!) and standing a little too close to the tee marker. What happens next is something that can only be described as "DUCK!!" (Video is a regram from @Golf_Gods)

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You have to love Spieth's reaction when he has absolutely no idea where that golf ball flew after ricocheting off the tee marker. I can't tell if that was a pure hosel-rocket, a skulled wedge, or the thinnest-struck shot in the history of professional golf. Whatever happened, Spieth managed to hit the tee marker and his basket of balls in one swing. That's some Grade-A shankapotomous skill, folks.

Luckily this took place on the range and not during competition.

Though I'm not gonna lie: I've 100 percent had this happen to me during a round.

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