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VIDEO: Tiger Gets Spooked By Fans at PGA Championship


8-7-2013 8-08-17 AMLet's face it; Tiger Woods is not the most fan-friendly golfer on the planet. While his fan engagement has certainly gotten better over the years, he's still a long way from the likes of Phil Mickelson, Fred Couples or Phil Mickelson. During Tuesday's practice round at the 2013 PGA Championship, however, Woods tried to play the good guy and sign a few autographs before stepping onto the first tee box. Then this happened:

(Source: SBNation.com)

I know what you're thinking: "Come on Tiger, that fence barely moved! Now you just psyched out a bunch of fans waiting to meet you."

Normally I would agree with you on that, but consider the situation from Tiger's point-of-view. He already doesn't love signing autographs for fans, but he was willing to take some time and appease a handful. Then the only thing separating him from about 2000 fans -- the fence barrier -- started to fall. Things could have gotten really ugly.

I especially love the "Noooope." reaction from Woods after the fence started to move. Not worth the risk, man.

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