USGA Wants to Help You, Amateur Golfer!

While many amateurs are well into the qualifying rounds of this year's US Open Championship, most of these individuals have had to pay his way through all travel, lodging, meals, and other expenses just for the chance at competing in America's biggest golf tournament. However, if the USGA gets their way, amateur-status might finally catch a break.

According to an article on, the USGA Rules of Amateur Status allow amateur golfers to receive help with costs associated with playing in specific tournaments.

The Rules allow an amateur golfer to receive any amount of financial support directly from a family member or legal guardian. The Rules also allow an amateur golfer to receive financial support directly from anyone for an individual competition where the expenses are less than $300.

If the expenses for an individual competition exceed $300, he or she may still receive financial support from sources other than family members, but the funds must be approved by and paid through the golfer’s state or local golf association. Amateur golfers may also use prize vouchers they have won in a competition for expenses in a subsequent competition, provided the prize vouchers are processed through the golfer’s state or local golf association. The forms, to be completed by the sponsor or the tournament organizer (where prize vouchers are used for expenses), and the amateur golfer (when the expenses are to be paid through the state or local golf association), can be found on the USGA's website at: under Individual Tournament Expenses.

Players’ expenses associated with a competition normally include transportation, lodging, meals, entry fees and caddie/cart and practice fees. They should ensure that any expenses they wish to have funded are reasonable. They may not receive funds for general living costs that are not associated with a competition.