US Hole-In-One Insures Your Ace

Most of us have played in a golf tournament, charity event, or corporate scramble once or twice in our lives where a spectacular prize is offered on select holes to anyone who can score a hole-in-one. This idea is pretty straight-forward for those of us competing in the event; however, how do tournament coordinators actually pay for those grand prizes? Furthermore, how can you be certain you will actually receive the prize as-advertised?

In a recent interview with, Nicholas Letier answers those questions and more.

Adam: Having worked at a golf course most of my childhood, I am pretty familiar with the concept of a third-party service handling tournament Hole-In-One contests. In a few words, how does US Hole in One insurance work and how does your service benefit tournament organizer? Nicholas: If a tournament organizer wants to give away a large prize for a successful hole in one (example: $10,000 Cash), then the event planner can purchase a contest coverage package from US Hole In One.

By purchasing this coverage, if a golfer successfully hits a hole in one, then US Hole In One writes the check for $10,000 to the tournament organizer so that they can then cut a check to their winner for $10,000. The event organizer's major benefit is that they are only responsible for the original coverage fee. It's a small price to pay to have the ability to give away a large prize. I'll ask the obvious question right away, Nicholas. Roughly how many aces does your company cover in a fiscal year? I would imagine that the number would have to be rather low to return a profit for US Hole in One?

US Hole In One pays out approximately 150 hole in one winners each year which amounts to about $350,000 in paid claims per year.  On any given year we end up giving away prizes that range from small items such as televisions, golf clubs and cruises to large prizes like cars, boats and $100,000 cash. The bottom line is that holes in one do happen more often than most people think.

According to your company website,, your list of recent clients includes major companies like Nissan Motors, US Bank, and even Playboy Golf. Are your services limited to courses in the United States or do you also have an international presence?

US Hole In One currently covers events in the United States and Canada but it is possible that we may offer coverage outside of North American in the future. 

In addition to providing hole-in-one coverage for the tournament organizers, your service also offers a free golf club to tournament participants. What are the options available for this impressive added benefit?

Every hole in one package comes with additional bonus hole in one prizes for the other par 3 holes on the course. These bonus prizes are included in the package so that if someone hits a hole in one on a different par 3 during the tournament then they at least win a prize. Free signs displaying what the prize is for all of the par 3's are also included.

Our bonus prizes are:

Sharp LCD Flat-Screen Television

Set of Callaway Diablo Irons (3-PW)

Two Roundtrip Domestic Airline Tickets

We have also recently partnered with Golfsmith to provide each tournament director with a $10 off coupon from Golfsmith for every golfer in their event. Tournament directors typically hand those out at the registration table or put them in the golfer's goodie bags. 

I have actually played in a tournament that featured a hole-in-one contest on the club's driving range. Does US Hole in One offer coverage for this type of arrangement? No, we only cover tournaments that are on an actual golf course.

Your website is incredibly user-friendly, includes live chat with a customer service representative and offers a wealth of information to prospective clients. Are your services reserved for major company outings or can my group of friends contact you to insure a hole for our smaller-scale event?

We work with a wide range of clients, from small charity golf outings to large corporate events and even some PGA Tournaments.

In regards to the website, we also offer an Instant Price Quote feature where users can easily obtain a quote online and then choose to purchase coverage through the website.

Last question Nicholas, and thanks again for your time today. How does your company protect against witness fraud? Is this an issue you see frequently with your contests?

We do not actually run into that problem very often. We do a pretty good job of asking the right questions and investigating all the witnesses and the club pro to determine whether a hole in one was legitimate or not.

Also, any prizes of $100,000 or greater require an unedited video of the successful attempt to be considered valid so that helps further protect us from any fraud on a large claim.