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True Linkswear: The Best Golf Shoes You Can Buy

Every so often I'll post about a new golf product or service that has truly captured my attention, whether it be for its usefulness or its ability to improve my game. Since I've started walking more during my rounds as opposed to taking a golf cart, it became glaringly obvious that I needed a new pair of shoes for added comfort during my round. Luckily, the good folks over at True Linkswear have come out with a line of golf shoes that not only help in the comfort area, but also prove to be an extremely useful golf tool for players at any level. First and foremost, the True Linkswear line - specifically the PHX model I purchased last week - is quite possibly the most comfortable shoe - athletic or casual - that I have ever owned. The wide-toe design allows for more toe movement during normal gait, and the ultra-low sole profile brings you closer to the ground than you thought possible in a shoe. This latter feature is especially useful on the golf course, specifically while reading putts.

Ever play a round of golf in your bare feet? True Linkswear tries its hardest to emulate this feeling in their shoe line, and they have succeeded admirably. Placing the players' feet as close to the ground as possible helps the golfer to remain "connected" to their playing surface. While that may sound a little new aged for some, I guarantee that the feeling of playing golf with added feel in your feet is highly underrated. My old golf shoes featured a higher sole that increased my height by about a full inch, and I could tell no difference from the cart path or the green when playing. That uniformity may be preferred by some players, but I can tell you I have been converted since switching to True Linkswear.

This low-profile sole feature was especially useful on the putting green, as mentioned previously. Reading putts with your feet while walking around the green helped me notice every minute break or slope that I would have otherwise never noticed with my eyes alone. Take my word for it; feeling exactly how much a putt will break is much more effective than simply eyeballing the slope.

True Linkswear offers a wide range of different styles and colors from which to choose. I went with the TL PHX line, and the grey/charcoal/electric blue design because they really jumped out at me visually, and look a lot more like street shoes than the traditional golf shoe (something I dig). PGA Tour player Ryan Moore introduced the electric blue outsole design in 2011, so fans of True Linkswear went berserk when the wallet-friendly PHX line introduced the same design.

Retailing at around $99 and up, True Linkswear's shoe line is competitively priced and on-par (har har) with other shoe lines. However, you will be hard-pressed to find another shoe that is as comfortable or as useful on the course as any product offered by True Linkswear. I highly recommend these products.

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