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Top Five Golf Bloggers You Should Be Reading


top golf bloggersWhen it comes to covering the great game of golf, most of us have our favorite journalists to whom we turn for our news. They are reliable, they know the game well and they become the narrator for moments we will remember for the rest of our lives. They become the bridge between the fan and the story, ushering us all to a deeper understanding of the game we love. With time comes change, of course, and the duty of covering golf is no different. Weekly columns found in copies of Golf Digest or Golf Magazine, while still prevalent, now play second-fiddle to up-to-the-minute updates from the best golf bloggers on the planet.

Here is a short list of five golf bloggers (in no particular order) who you should be reading, because frankly, nobody does it better.

top golf bloggers bacon

Shane Bacon -- Yahoo Sports

Once the owner/operator of the Dogs that Chase Cars blog, Bacon has been seen on a number of news outlets over a career that includes CBS Sports and now Yahoo's Devil Ball Golf blog. A strong player in his own right (he boasts a plus-handicap), Bacon offers a keen insight into the game while sprinkling in the right touch of humor.


Kyle Porter -- CBS Sports

While not new to the golf-blogging biz, Porter has made a name for himself as the primary golf blogger for CBS Sports. His talent for capturing the essence of how many fans feel while hearing a newsworthy item is something I admire and try to emulate. He is also a great follow on Twitter for his quick wit and interaction with his readers.

top golf bloggers ballengee

Ryan Ballengee -- Golf News Net

Formerly of Waggle Room and the Back9Network, Ballengee has built a powerhouse golf blog entitled Golf News Net. He specializes in providing a unique, fresh look into the biggest golf news stories while also opening the golf fan's eyes to items you won't find anywhere else. Ballengee's ability to look at items with a critical, inquisitive eye makes him a must-follow.

top golf bloggers wei

Stephanie Wei -- Wei Under Par

Not only does Wei offer a hub of invaluable golf coverage on her blog, Wei Under Par, but she may also be one of the most interactive golf bloggers around by hosting Goolge Hangouts and through her Twitter feed. Wei can also be read on a number of major outlets like Sports Illustrated and most recently the Wall Street Journal.

top golf bloggers staelin

Adam Staelin -- Three Guys Golf Blog

In addition to providing great commentary on the most newsworthy items on the day, Staelin's Three Guys Golf Blog also features a fantastic golf equipment review hub. You can even find golf lessons, interviews and much more. Follow him on Twitter, too.

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