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Do Tiger's Peers Think He'll Win More Majors?


tiger woodsSports Illustrated Golf Plus published their annual anonymous poll of PGA Tour players recently. As usual, a question about Tiger Woods was included in the poll, this time asking his peers how many more major championships he'll win. Results from golf.com:

How many more majors will Tiger win?

ZERO: 6 percent ONE: 2 percent TWO: 28 percent THREE: 18 percent FOUR: 20 percent FIVE OR MORE: 26 percent

The response rate for "five or more" is pretty surprising to me, considering Tiger is 38 years old and hasn't won a major since 2008. I attribute this to respondents fixated on the potential that Tiger will break Jack Nicklaus' record as opposed to his actual ability to win five more majors.

Everyone likes a good story, right?

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