There's a Rap Song Titled 'Tiger Woods' and It's About Sex


I just... I just don't know what to say about this. Somebody just made a rap song titled Tiger Woods. I'm not kidding. Our friends over at The Golf News Net have the music video on their site. Just sit back and watch (NSFW warning):

YEP. YOU HEARD THAT CORRECTLY. And he isn't talking about hitting a driver.

Tiger, Tiger Woods. Tiger, Tiger Woods. Tiger Woods. Tiger, Tiger Woods. Tiger, Tiger Woods. She gonna let me hit it like Tiger Woods. [Repeat]

Rapper Maxxx Flair certainly didn't leave much to innuendo with this piece of lyrical genius. This is a rap song about some guy who wants to sleep with a girl who is currently in a relationship with another man. When I think of the greatest pieces of songwriting, we would be remiss to not include the likes of Mr. Flair in our time capsule.